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A professional interdisciplinary organization dedicated to the understanding
and improvement of intercultural relations through world-class social science research
Established 1997

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The IAIR Biennial Conference which was planned for July 2021 has been postponed and will now take place July 25-28, 2022.

To provide a setting for our continued interaction around the important work of the Academy, we will be hosting

our first “IAIR Webinar” during part of the original conference dates of July 12-13, 2021. Read more about this event.


Read more about the Rapperswil conference 


The International Academy for Intercultural Research (IAIR)

IAIR is made up of scholars from many disciplines: Education, Anthropology, Management, Communication, Psychology, Sociology, and Policy Science as well as others.  The Academy publishes the International Journal of Intercultural Relations,(founded in 1977) the leading journal in the field, convenes an international conference every two years (in odd numbered years), sponsors scholarly books and other activities.  Membership is by application (click on the Membership tab above for more information about joining the Academy).

If the Academy interests you, take the time to explore our website and feel free to contact the Executive Director on the "Contact Us" page for any further information.

Many people, not necessarily members of the Academy, support its work in improving intercultural relations.  One way is to contribute to the funds that honor distinguished work in the field.  To donate to one of the funds, click here.