International Academy for Intercultural Research 

A professional interdisciplinary organization dedicated to the understanding and improvement of intercultural relations through world-class social science research
Established 1997


June 2016   Click here to read IAIR statement on the Orlando attacks and acts of violence
April 2014   Click here to read IAIR members' remembrance of David Hoopes
Feb 2014  
Fons J. R. van de Vijver was recently honored by the American Psychological Association with the
"Award for Distinguished Contributions to the International Advancement of Psychology"
26 September 2013   Who We Are section with profiles of IAIR fellows and members goes online.
31 December 2013   Article on Dan Landis' Award for Distinguished Contributions to the International 
Advancement of Psychology  is posted in the Downloads page
15 November 2012   Two articles by Anthony Marsella on American culture are posted in the Downloads page
5 September 2012   IAIR 2013 Conference website launched, Call for proposals posted
28 August 2012                     Updated Featured Researcher, Book and Intercultural Program
11 April 2012  

The IAIR 2013 Conference flyer is available for download here